World War Two-1943

Disc 1

Track 1) THE VICTORY HOUR Youth in the Dark Decade   “Mine By Choice”  Guest:  Ralph Bellamy   (February 2)

Track 9) BBC NEWS Robert Robinson “Victory in Stalingrad” 8 German Generals Captured

Track 10) PRESIDENT F.D. ROOSEVELT 20th Annual Lincoln Day Dinner of White House Correspondent’s Association   (February 12)

Track 17) WORLD MEAT RATIONING  “Share the Meat”

Disc 2

Track 1) PRESIDENT FR. D. ROOSEVELT George Washington’s 211th Birthday Dinner, sponsored by the Democratic National Committee   (February 22)

Track 4) GABRIEL HEATER Easter Sunday, comments on Hitler, Rommel, and unconfirmed enemy claims (some sound interference   (March 18)

Track 8)  FIBBER MC GEE & MOLLY Clip “War Travel”  (May 25)

Track 11) BBC Clip: Germans surrender in North Africa

Track 12)  “I AM AN AMERICAN” DAY V.P. Henry Wallace introduced by N.Y. Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, Central Park, New York   (May 14)

Disc 3

Track 1)PRIME MINISTER WINSTON CHURCHILL from London  (April 10)

Track 14)  CBS WORLD NEWS TODAY Douglas Edwards reports on war and  Churchill speech

(March 21)

Disc 4

LUX RADIO THEATRE “Hitler’s Children” Bonita Granville, Otto Kreuger    (May 24)

Track 10) Gabriel Heater  (April 18)

Track 11) Frank Gillard – German Surrender N. Africe (May 13)

Track 12) Kimmins – Invasion of Italy  (June 22)

Track 13) Shillington – Mussolini Resigns   (July 25)

Track 14) Barry Marsh – Patton Enters Messines  (August 17)

Track 16) Over Berlin  (September 3)

Disc 5

Track 1) RAYMOND G. SWING NEWS  “History on the March”  Mobil Gasoline  (August 16)

RAYMOND GRAM SWING Reviews “History on the March” 

Track 5)FIRESIDE CHAT President F.D. Roosevelt “Armistice with Italy” 3rd War Loan (September 18) Track 7) LUX RADIO THEATRE Clip “In Which We Serve” why we fight. . . Barbara Stanwyck

Track 9) STARS & STRIPES IN BRITAIN Host: Ben Lyon, two army cameramen interviewed, dedication of new air field   (June 20)

Track 13)  HITLER’S MOCK  BIRTHDAY PARTY Host: Walter O’Keefe with John Garfield, Jerry Lester, Martha O’Driscoll from Times Square, NY (March 20)

Disc 6

WORDS AT WAR “Here is Your War”  (November 2)

Track 2) WORLD NEWS TODAY Douglas Edwards   (September 16)

Track 3) PRESIDENT FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT  Patriotism of Coal Miners   (July 28)

Disc 7

SOLDIERS IN GREASE PAINT All star, with Bob Hope and Jack Benny. Thanksgiving Day broadcast salutes show business and the war effort.  (November 24)

Track 18) LONDON BROADCAST Capt. Clark Gable, Don Hollenbeck, others

Disc 8


Track 6) DIMES FOR INVASION-National Newspaper Boy Day -Morton Downey, George Tucker, Treasury Orch. & Chorus “Salute to News Boys” who sold War Stamps  (October 2)

Track 10) WORLD NEWS TODAY Douglas Edwards, world reporters  December 12

Track 20)  FOURTH LIBERTY LOAN REQUEST Australian Radio

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