World War Two-1944

Disc 1

Track 1) WHAT’S NEW? Host: Cecil B. DeMille with Herbert Marshall, Lena Horne, Jim Ameche, Lou Bring & the RCA Orchestra, Evelny Keyes, Jack Douglas, Maj. Gen. Ira Archer, others; witnesses to Nazi terror describe life in concentration camp  (January 4)

Track 8) Herbert Marshall 

Track 9) Major General Ira Archer

(track 16 – Many others)

Disc 2

 Track 1) WORLD NEWS TODAY Douglas Edwards, reporters from around the world (January 9)

Track 11) WORLD NEWS TODAY as above (January 16)

Disc 3

Track 1) LUX RADIO THEATRE “Guadacanal Diary” William Bendix, Lloyd Nolan (February 28)

Track 20) FIBBER MC GEE & MOLLY Clip “Red Cross Speech” (March 7)

Disc 4

Track 1) LUX RADIO THEATRE “Destroyer”  Edward G. Robinson (April 3) 

Disc 5

Track 1) EVERYTHING FOR THE BOYS Ronald Colman “The Women Stayed Home” Mercedes McCambridge, plus short wave radio from Fort Moresby, New Guinea (May 18)

Track 9) LEAVE IT TO THE GIRLS  Helen Hayes “The Lonely Year”, plea to join WAVES (June 1)

Track 13) THE MYSTERY CHEF Coping with war-time shortages & food rationing

Disc 6

Track 1) FIRESIDE CHAT President F.D. Roosevelt “The Fall of Rome” (June 5)

Track 3)  D-Day, June 6: Excerpts of D-Day broadcasts from BBC, shortwave to Europe withsecret code “Wound my heart with a monotonous languor” that was beginning and pre-arranged instructions to be followed; good luck wishes from Eisenhower, Montgomery and DeGaulle; correspondent descries take-off in ships toward France; prayer; recording onboard ship shelling France; PT boat guarded larger ships; correspondent on LST about to unload first invading troops; recording of eye witness of soldiers after landing; description of landing on beach (Charles Collingwood); trooper describes parachute jump into France; reporter describes parachute launches; description of beach vantage point (Charles Collingwood); making their way up the beach, talks to soldier.

Track 10) PRAYER F.D. Roosevelt

Track 12) FIRESIDE CHAT President Roosevelt “5th War Drive” (June 12)

Track 15) WORDS AT WAR abbreviated version,  “Here’s Your War” from book by Ernie Pyle

Disc 7

Track 1) COLUMBIA PRESENTS CORWIN “Untitled” Frederic March (May 30)

Track 10) THE COLUMBIA WORKSHOP “Home for the Fourth” (July 4)

Disc 8

Track 1) FOUR FOR THE FIFTH “High Command” by Arch Obolor, produced by William N. Robson starring Paul Lucas, Eric Von Stroheim

Track 10) WORDS AT WAR “The Science at War” based Wallace Beuhl book.

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