World War Two-1944
D-Day  June 6,1944 Eastern War Times

Disc 1

Track 1)LUX RADIO THEATRE “O.S.S.  Alan Ladd, Veronica Lake 

Track 13) FIRESIDE CHAT  President F.D. Roosevelt; news brief from Italy

Disc 2

 Track 1) HARRY JAMES & HIS MUSIC MAKERS-12:45AM Hotle Astor, NY, 2nd ˝ of program, Kitty Kallen singing “In Times Like These” is interrupted with first unofficial news bulletin of Normandy Invasion

Track 3)SPECIAL NEWS BULLETIN-1:30AM Irwin Darlington. Return to LENNY KAHN’S ORCH, Hollywood; 2:00 AM- NBC NEWS BULLETIN,New York

Track 5)  2:30- AM WORLD NEWS TODAY-Robert Trout with further invasion news, still unconfirmed, plus military analyst Major George Fielding Elliott

Track 7) 3:00 AM -NBC REPORT, WASHINGTON .D.C. Richard Harkness

Track 8)  Morgan Beatty, analyst

Track 9) 3:33 AM-NBC, ROBERT ST. JOHN- with still unconfirmed bulletins. News from London comes with first official Allied Communique, D-Day, H-Hour is here

Track 10)Reaading of Supreme Commander Eisenhower’s first order of the day

Track 11) 4:15 AM-NBC, Herbert Clark gives report of take-off from flagship

Track 15) Robert St. John Track 16) CBS Robert Trout gives recap of London report with Supreme Commander Eisenhower

Track 17)NBC correspondent Wright Bryan tells of experience with paratroopers across English Channel, behind enemy lines

Track 18)  Bulletin from Washington D.C.

Disc 3

Track 1) 6:11 AM- CBS, New York. Maj. George Elliott Fielding analysis of situation

Track 2) 6:17 AM- ROBERT TROUT  tells how news received in NY

Track 3)  Explanation of D-Day, H-Hour

Track 4) Charles Shaw tells of London’s reaction to news; NBC-9 AM John Vandercook

Track 5) Correspondent Ed Harker describes invasion

Track 6) 9:45AM-CBS NEWS Robert Trout, Washington; Joe McCapperie from Pentagon Bldg with narration “Hit ‘em Where They Ain’t”. President Roosevelt sleeps

Track 9) Major Fielding tells of mine sweepers

Track 10) Quentin Reynolds talks about weapons used & tries to reassure worried parents; CBS News-12:36 PM Winston Churchill's news & views

Track 12) 1:00 PM-CBS NEWS from Moscow

Track 13) Charles DeGaulles message to the French people

Track 14) Edward R. Murrow

Track 15) 3:00 PM-KING GEORGE VI, via short wave from London.


Disc 4

Track 1) 4:30 PM-NBC NEWS Morgan Beatty, Washington D.C.

Track 3)Report on President Roosevelt’s press conference where he gave his impressions of the invasion

Track 5) 6:00 PM- CBS NEWS updates of day’s events

Track 11) 7:15PM-THE PASSING PARADE-7:15 PM John Nesbitt uses day’s events to predict news 100 years later

Track 13) 7:30 PM - RONALD COLMAN reads  “A Poem & Prayer for an Invading Army”

Disc 5

Track 1) 8:00 PM – Prayer: RABBI ISRAEL GOLDSTEIN

Track 2) NBC THE GINNY SIMMS SHOW with patriotic songs, wounded soldier, Dr. Wassell

Tracks 11-21) 9:00 PM - NBC Ben Grauer

Disc 6

Track 1) 9L00 PM -  BURNS & ALLEN SHOW  George to sing at War Bond Rally, Guest: Dinah Shore; Track 9) 9:30PM - FIBBER MC GEE & MOLLY-9:30 PM Change their regular programming to Service Songs by the King’s Men with Billy Mills Orchestra

Disc 7

Track 1) 10:00 PM - PRAYER TO THE NATION- read by President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Track 2) FRED WARING& THE PENNSYLVANIANS with patriotic songs

Track 5) 10:15 PM -  BOB HOPE SHOW  abbreviated show. 

Track 10) June 7th, NBC George Hicks with report of actual landing of ships involved in Allied Invasion of Normandy Beaches

Track 16) ROY SHIELD & THE ORCH; NBC NEWS Robert St. John with news flashes of invasion

Track 17) CBS NEWS Bob rout recaps with Quentin Reynolds in N.Y., Charles Collingwood in London. 

Disc 8

Track 1) WORLD NEWS Ned Kalmer, Quinton Howe

Track 2) KATE SMITH Prayer. News

Track 3) MERCURY THEATER “D-Day Special” Orson Welles, Agnes Moorehead (June 7th)

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