World War Two-1945

Disc 1

Track 1) LUX RADIO THEATRE  “The Master Race”  George Colouris   January 16

Track 10 through 18) NEWS CLIPS: Track 10) Gabriel Heater (out of sequence-May 8); Track 11)Iwo Jima, February 19; Track 12) Chris Wilmot, March 11; Track 13) Mandalay; Track 15) Lavenberg, March 24; Track 16) Wounded Glider, March 26; Track 17) Robert Barr, March 25;  Track 18) Stuart McPherson 

Disc 2

 Track 1)WORLD NEWS TODAY  CBS short wave broadcasts from overseas stations and reports from leading points in our country. From Hyde Park, President Roosevelt put to rest. Eric Sevreid – Flags at half staff around the world. News from Germany and France. New American Bomb used. German Field Marshall captured. Truman heads to Washington – April 15.

Trck 8) THIS IS MY BEST by Milton Geiger “I Will Not Go Back” Orson Welles-April 25


Disc 3

Track 1) V.E. DAY President Truman announces end of the war, Churchill speaks of surrender, wasr to end 12:01 midnight, short wave from Paris, W.W. Chaplain re. Signing of peace document by Eisenhower, recap of morning press conference, H.V. Kaltenborn in S.F. speaks of freedom

Track 10)Paris: Commanding Generals and Admirals speak – May 8

Track 13)  V. E. DAY “Milestones to Victory” recap 1945 to date, John W. VanderCook – May 8

Disc 4

Track 1)REPORT OF HITLER’S DEATH John Thompson, 1st Army-Germay; Seymour Korman, 7th Army-Bavaria; Pul Manning, 9th Army;Tom Bernodotti-Sweden  - May 11

Track 5) A COMMON VIRTUE “The Battle of Iwo Jima” A Marine tribute of February, 1945

Track 8) I WAS THERE “The Story of Ernie Pyle” Bob Sweeney, Joe Duval, Hal March.  Told by 2 servicemen and 1 servicewoman who saw him in action.

Disc 5

Track 1)ON A NOTE OF TRIUMPH by Norman Corwin  Narrator: Martin Gable- May 13 

Track 15)WORLD NEWS TODAY A Day of National Prayer – May 13

Disc 6

Disc 6

Track 1)CLIPS: Chaplain Wm. Downey, says prayer before take-off of Enola Gay – August 9; Pres. Truman tells of our race for Atomic Energy-August 10

Track 2) ARMY AIR FORCES, 2 programs 1. University for G.I.’s in Paris; magazine editor in New York City; night fliers use of radar; all soldier orchestra, voices of AAF –August 10

Track 10) 2. News of atomic bomb, speaks to crew that dropped A bomb in Hiroshima. Aboard B29, Crew flight engineer; salute to hero by Eddie Rickenbacher, voices and orch of AAF – August 12

Track 18) WORLD NEWS TODAY 192 weeks ago Americans learned war had come – August 12

Disc 7

Track 1) FIRST V.J. DAY BULLETIN  Robert Trout CLIPS: Bells of Coventry; Father Seimes, German re: Hiroshima; COMMAND PERFORMANCE Lt. Commander Robert Montgomery reads words of later President Franklin D. Roosevelt –August 14

Track 2) WORLD NEWS TODAY President Truman leads nation in giving thanks; Japanese to meet MacArthur for surremder; London  celebrates; Pearl Harbor today, August 19th; U.S. Fleet in Tokyo Bay; Peacetime Atomic Research – August 26; Japan has surrendered;  occupation forces moving in; V.J. Day celebrated in Paris, will be celebrated in Russia (9/3), Occupation of Japan continues, Big Five Foreign Ministers to meet; General Wainwright to be honored; news of Greece- September 9; Japanese in Hong Kong have surrendered; Japanese troops still in China – September 16. Japanese military leaders in custody –September 23

Track 23) Reprise: America the Beautiful. 

Disc 8

Track 1) COMMAND PERFORMANCE, U.S.A.  Host: Bing Crosby  All-Star ”World Victory Scrap Book” Jubilation at war’s end – September 4

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