World War Two

Disc 1

Eastern Standard time

Track 1) 2:30 PM - UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO ROUND TABLE- F.D.R first announcement of Peal Harbor attack interrupts this discussion between Canadians & Americans concerning the war.

Track 5)2:45 PM - Commercial from ***CHATS ABOUT DOGS H.V. Kaltenborn gives brief news summary

Track 6)2:30 PM - WORLD NEWS TODAY- Breaking news reports from New York, Washington D.C., London Manilla

Track 14) 3:00 PM - NEW YORK PHILHAROMNIC SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA regular program interrupted with war news bulletins. John Daly, Albert Warner, Major George Elliott Fielding.

Disc 2


Track 1) 3:15 PM - H.V. Kaltenborn with breaking news of Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor and throughout the Pacific

Track 5) 3:30 PM – LISTEN AMERICA “Good News”Program (partial) interrupted with bulletins.

Track 14) 4:00 PM - NATIONAL VESPERS “Finding Unfailing Resources” is the subject of the Sunday Sermon by Dr. Harry Fosdick interrupted for major news reports from a Honolulu correspondent, who himself is interrupted by a phone operator asking him to get off the line for an emergency.  Another interruption from H.R., Baukahage in Washington.

Disc 3

Track 1)4:30 PM – Breaking news reports in place of the Olivia Santoro Show. There is news from London, Upton Close in San Francisco, Honolulu .  Senators Albert Thoms of Utah, Walter George of Georgia, and  Representative Luther Johnson of Texas reporting from Washington

Track 13) 5:00 PM - METROPOLITAN OPERA AUDITIONS-second ˝ of program with news interruptions

Track 14) 6:00 PM -  THE CATHOLIC HOUR “Politics in Religion, Religion in Politics” is the subject of the sermon given by Rev. James Gillis.  News bulletins precede and follow the program.

Disc 4


Track 2) 6:00 PM- NEW FRIENDS OF MUSIC Live report from Bert Silan in Manila  interrupt the Gordong string quartet coming from the Town Hall in New Youk; program continues with an organ solo by George Crook.

Track 6) 6:30 PM-DREW PEARSON & ROBERT ALLEN Analysis and predictions of news.

Track 9)6:45 PM – ELEANOR ROOSEVELT interviews a corporal from Fort Dix.  Drew Pearson asks some questions at the consclusion of the program.

Track 12) 8:00 PM- MAYOR LA GUARDIA of New York updates city’s emergency standings

Disc 5

Track 1)9:00 PM - JERGEN’S JOURNAL, with Walter Winchell news of the day.

Track 7) 9:30 PM - AMERICAN ALBUM OF FAMILIAR MUSIC Classical songs with Frank Martin and Vivian Villapieza are interrupted with news bulletins 

Track 12) 11:00 – NEWS with John Vandercook, Robert St. John, others

Track 16) 11:15- PM DEFENSE MESSAGE “The Legion Again Answers the Call” speech  by Lynn Sandborn, National Commander of the American Legion, is interrupted by news bulletin.

Disc 6

Track 1)11:30- REPORTER’S DISCUSSION Moderator Ben Grauer with roundtable of reporters from throughout our country. 

Track 18) 12M - NEWS – William Shirer and Elmer Davis analysis of what will be in the morning newspapers.

Track 19) TAPS.

Disc 7

Track 1) SCREEN GUILD THEATER “Between Americans” starring Orson Welles

Track 3) THE MARCH OF TIME (December 11, 1941) “First Week of the War”

Disc 8

AS IT WAS commentary with story & music as it was in Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7,1941.

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