World War Two-1942

Disc 1

Track 1) RED CROSS SPECIAL  Kate Smith  Announcer: Ted Collins  (January 12)

Track 4) WORLD NEWS TODAY John Daly, Charles Collingwood (London), Eric Sevreid (Washington) and shortwave radio from Batavia   (February 11)

Track 8)FIRESIDE CHAT-Clip-President Franklin D. Roosevelt from White House (February 22)

Track 9) NEWS CLIP  Track 10)WORLD NEWS TODAY- John Daly, Byron Palmer (Los Angeles), Joseph Evans (London), John Dunne (Java)   (February 25)

Track 17) NAVY RELIEF PROGRAM Walter Winchell 

Track 19) Joe Louis

Track 20) SKIT: “The Birth of our Navy” Walter Huston, Brian Donlevy

Track 22) David Rose Orchestra, vocal-Betty Rose  (January 17)

Disc 2

Track 1) REPORT TO THE NATION “Job Training for Production” (February 24)

Track 11) MILEAGE RATIONING SPECIAL Eddie Cantor, Jack Benny, Dinah Shore (“White Chyristmas”), George Burns, Gracie Allen skit-“Rubber Shortage”

Track 15) WORLD NEWS TODAY Russia, Australia, London Wasington  (March13)

Disc 3

LUX RADIO THEATRE “I Wanted Wings”Ray Milland, William Holden, Vernoica Lake  (March 30)

Track 10) THIS IS WAR

Disc 4

Track 1) ARCH OBOLER PLAY “I Have No Prayer” Lloyd Nolan

Track 6) MOBILE GASOLINE WAR NEWS REPORT Fahey Flynn  (April 10)

Track 10) WAR INFO. PROGRAM “They Burned the Books” Ralph Bellamy (July 24)

Track 19) SONG: “No More Coffee in the Pot” the Kings Men

Disc 5

Track 1) HOLLYWOOD CANTEEN OPENING Dedication Ceremony  (October 3) Bette Davis, Eddie Cantor, Ginny Simms, Abbott & Costello, Dinah Shore, Kay Kyser Bette Hutton, Rudy Vallee and the Coast Guard Band (some skips) 

Track 10) THIS NATION AT WAR “Story of Living Ship Builders” Jim Backus (Aug.3)

Track 18) PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT PRESENTS a U.S. Vessel to Queen Wilhemina of  the Netherlands-abrupt ending  (August 6)

Disc 6

Track 1)ARMISTICE DAY CEREMONY Franklin D. Roosevelt at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier   Song: “My Buddy” (end cut)

Track 7) CBS NEWS SPECIAL  Eleanor Roosevelt in Scotland    (November 11)

Track13) WORLD NEWS TODAY Algiers   (November 11 and November 25)

Track16) HERALD TRIBUNE FORUM Government Policy, President Roosevelt (Novemer 17)

Disc 7

LUX RADIO THEATRE “The Pied Piper” Frank Morgan, Roddy McDowall, Anne Baxter, Ralph Morgan  (December 21)

Track 10)  LONDON AFTER DARK “Blackout, London”  Air Raid Shelter -Edward R.Murrow Restaurant Crowd; Trafalgar Square; Picadilly Circus-Eric Sevreid

Disc 8

Disc 8) 1942 WAR CHRONICLES  Recapitulation of 1942 events

Track 16) EYES ALOFT  Flight ground observers in the Western United States  (December 28)

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